Manager Engagement Workshop

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Are you looking to re-energize your team's learning experience and boost platform engagement? Our Manager Engagement Workshop is designed to help managers like you accomplish just that. Join us for an interactive workshop led by a dedicated Customer Onboarding Specialist, where you'll learn invaluable strategies for enhancing your team's use of our learning platform.

Our workshop is tailored for managers seeking to refresh their knowledge of the platform or keen on driving higher adoption rates and learner engagement. During the session, you'll delve into various topics, including:

- Inviting Your Learners: Discover the most effective ways to welcome your team members onto the platform and encourage their active participation.

- Creating Assignments: Learn the ins and outs of assignment creation to keep learning structured and goal-oriented.

- Progress Reporting: Gain insights into tracking and analyzing learner progress to support their growth and address improvement areas.

- Engagement Best Practices: Explore tips and strategies proven to enhance user engagement and ensure your learners are getting the most out of their experience.

- Platform Updates: Stay up to date with the latest features and content additions, which can enrich your learning curriculum and provide new development opportunities.


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