How do I invite learners by invitation code?

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If a learner is not part of a specific learner group, e.g. an outlet or department, managers can add them to that group using an invitation code. 

Step 1: In the top menu, click MANAGE and select MANAGE LEARNERS. Navigate to the learner group (unit) you want to invite the learner(s) to.


Step 2: Click the vertical ellipsis and select INVITE LEARNERS.


Step 3: Click GENERATE CODE.



Should you want to change the learner group, click SELECT LEARNER GROUP. Please note: Each learner group has its own unique invitation code.


If the invitation code is used by accident by unintended users, managers can generate a new invitation code by selecting REPLACE CODE. The previous code will now be invalid.


Step 4: To share the unique code with learners, managers can copy the code, and send it via EMAIL INVITATION, or DOWNLOAD INVITATION.




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