Assessment Performance per Learner Group / User Tag

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Why are these reports relevant?

This report provides an overview of key metrics and indicators for Assessment Performance

per user tag (e.g. Job Role).

These reports 'roll-up' the data according to whatever part of the organization you are trying to analyze by Job Role.

It helps to identify leaders and those that might be falling behind in terms of expected performance on assessments.

The report covers the following subjects:

  • Medals are awarded when assessments are passed the first time with a certain score. Master Medals are awarded any time a user gets a 100% score (even on a retry).
  • Pass Rates tell us about how effectively users are taking assessments. Here we might see a high pass rate (which is a low pass percentage) to see that someone isn't taking the time to really try to pass the assessment.
  • Average Scores indicate proficiency in the material through the assessment. For example, the average high score is specific to the highest achieved score, (it ignores any fails and lower marks), giving us a sense of what the level of proficiency is now.

Measures and attributes in this report:

  • Registered Users(Current): Users currently registered
  • Gold / Silver / Bronze: the medal achieved on the first pass of an assessment
  • Master: the number of master medals achieved (a 100% score on any attempt of an assessment)
  • Mastered Rate: out of all unique assessments passed, the number of master medals was achieved.
  • Initial Attempts to Pass: the average number of attempts up until the first pass
  • Initial Pass Rate: the pass percentage up until the first pass
  • Average Attempts Overall: the average number of attempts overall, including retries
  • Overall Pass Rate: the average pass percentage of all attempts
  • Average High Score: the average of the highest achieved score, excluding any fails or lower scores from previous attempts
  • Average Overall Score: the average of the scores of all attempts, including any fails and lower scores from previous attempts

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