How do I conduct a practical assessment?

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Step 1: In the top menu, click MANAGE and select PRACTICAL ASSESSMENTS. On the Practical Assessments page, you are able to search for learners or courses.Screenshot_2022-06-20_at_18.24.41.png


Step 2:
 To conduct an assessment, click the vertical ellipsis and select PREVIEW. Here you will have the option to Start, Schedule or Print, which will download the practical checklist, whereafter you can select SCHEDULE ASSESSMENT.


Step 3:
Click Start to conduct the assessment. Mark each question with a tick or cross as you go down the list, adding a comment if preferred. 



Step 4: At the end of the assessment, the score will be automatically calculated. To complete the assessment, click FINISH ASSESSMENT.


Step 5: To locate the completed assessment, based on whether the learner has passed or failed the assessment, click the Passed or Failed tabs on the page. 




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