How do I view the current assignments for a learner?

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Step 1: In the top menu, click MANAGE and select MANAGE LEARNERS


Search for the learner and click VIEW LEARNER DETAILS next to the learner’s name.

Step 2: The assignments for the learner will be displayed below the CURRENT ASSIGNMENTS tab.

Assignments are ordered by the upcoming deadline date.

Step 3: Click on an assignment to see the progress of the assigned training. The courses or learning paths in an assignment displays a status based on progress:

  • Not started: the user has not started the course or learning path
  • In progress: the users started the course or learning path 
  • Completed: the user completed the course or learning path 

All the training in an assignment needs to be completed before it will move to Learning History. 

Note: In the case of open learning paths, the status will be "In progress" until the learning path has been closed.

  • If the learner completed all the courses in the learning path, a green "Learner up to date" label will appear.
  • If new courses are added to the open learning path, a pink "New courses added" label will appear. 
  • The assignment will only move to Learning History once the open learning path/s are closed.

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