Why has my Learning Path not been moved to Achievements?

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Q: Why has my Learning Path not been moved to Achievements?

A: A completed Learning Path that still reflects as in progress will not be moved to the Achievements page as it is still subject to updates. This means that new Courses will be added to the Learning Path as they become available.

Learners will not receive a Certificate for an open Learning Path. This Learning Path will remain on the Learner's Learn page and all Courses within the Learning Path will be moved to Achievements once the Courses are completed and it is no longer being updated. 

Once the Learning Path is closed, Learners will be able to download their Certificates.

If it is a closed Learning Path and all Courses have been completed, you will need to ensure that the Learning Path has been assigned to your account in order for it to move to your Achievements page.

Navigate to your Learn/Explore page, search for the Learning Path and click Start Learning. This will assign the Learning Path to your account and move it to the Achievements page.

See support article: How do I start learning?


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