Why can't I reset a learners password?

As a result of digital security compliance requirements, the Reset Password option is currently only available to learners' accounts that do not have an email address linked with their profile.

How do you know if an account does not have a linked email address? 

The linked email address will always reflect next to the username "jjakocha". In the below screenshot, that area is blank which confirms that the user has not linked their email address. 


How do you know if an account has been linked to an email address? 

Learners that have an email address linked to their accounts will be able to reset their own passwords by following the steps here: How to reset your password. ​

Please see the screenshot below for what you'll see for learners who have an email address linked to their accounts:


If the learners forget which email address they have linked to their accounts, you may confirm this on the Learner Details page for the learners as shown above. 


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