What are Learning Paths and what are Courses?

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What is a Learning Path?

Whether you’re moving in, moving up or managing, Learning Paths are designed to meet learners at their level and deliver on specific learning objectives.

Each Learning Path is comprised of individual courses, purposefully arranged to provide you with the appropriate level of training. Choose from our library of learning paths, covering every subject in hospitality - from foundations to advanced.



How do I distinguish a Course from a Learning Path?

You can distinguish a Learning Path from an individual course in two ways:

  • A Learning Path will indicate of how many courses it is comprised.
  • A Learning Path will show a fold in the bottom right of the course card.

Note that some courses reoccur in multiple Learning Paths. If you start a course that is in multiple learning paths, your progress will be saved throughout your various learning journeys.

What is a Course?

Lobster Ink’s Hallmark Course library consists of over 130 globally accredited courses. Each course is curated by leading industry experts to develop detailed video content, combined with interactive lessons and assessments.


All courses focus on practical and action-oriented skills. The learning outcomes indicate development goals and clearly mapped learning objectives per course.


Courses can be found both as part of a Learning Path as well as stand alone courses.



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