Create an assignment for a Job Role

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We suggest using this when assigning training to learners by their selected job roles. 

It allows you to select a job role and assign relevant training content.

Step 1: There are two ways to create an assignment:

Navigate to the MANAGE tab, click MANAGE ASSIGNMENTS and click CREATE ASSIGNMENT.


Navigate to the HOME tab and click CREATE ASSIGNMENT.

Step 2: Select Audience as "Groups".

  • Navigate to the "Job Roles" tab and select the Function(s) you would like to create the assignment for and click NEXT.

Step 3: Search or select the course(s) and/or Learning Path(s) the learner(s) need to complete and click NEXT.

Content can be dragged and dropped to create a specific learning order.


Step 4: Configure the automation settings(optional) and add a deadline(optional) and click NEXT.


By default, all group assignments will auto-assign to new learners that join the audience criteria for the assignment. This behaviour can be disabled by adding a date that will stop auto-assigning the assignment to new learners.

Note: When a stop date is not specified, we suggest that you use a time span deadline to avoid future learners from receiving an assignment with a deadline that has passed.


  • Time span: a user must complete the training within a certain time span of receiving it
  • Specific date: a user must complete the training by a specific date
  • No deadline: there is no urgency in completing the training

Reassign Courses

Select this option if there are learners who have previously completed the selected courses, that need to retake them.

Step 5: Review the assignment and click FINISH to create it.

Details such as the assignment name, type and description can be added here. 

The estimated size of the audience that will receive the assignment can be calculated.

Once an assignment is created it will appear on the MANAGE ASSIGNMENTS page.

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