Platform Adoption: User Status

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Why is this report relevant?

This report provides an overview of the current registered users who are active. You can see when users were registered, when they last logged in, and when they were last actively learning. 


  • Username - the user's chosen name that is used to log into the platform
  • Manager - this indicates whether the user is a manager or not.
  • Registered Date - the date the user first joined the platform.
  • Last Login Date - the date the user last logged in.
  • Platform Status
    • Active - the user is able to access the platform.
  • Last Activity Date - the last date the user performed a learning activity on the platform.

    *Note: If your platform uses existing corporate login credentials (ie SSO) the username column will say N/A.

Navigate to the User Status report using the menu. This report is accessible through the menu under:

Platform Adoption  → Learner Reports  User Status


You are able to filter the report according to:

  • Learner Group - to set a position in the organization. All learners in this learner group and the learner groups below will be listed.

  • User Tag - By selecting a specific User Tag, the report will filter for users assigned to that Tag based on the roles they select when signed up (eg. Bartenders).

  • Note: Any filters selected in the Group Status report will also be applied to the User Status report where all the registered users are visible.

How can this report help me?

In the example below, you can see a scenario where a group of learners might need some attention. The learner at the top has not been actively learning in the week 30 March - 5 April. This is shown by their Last Login Date and Last Activity Date being the same day. Perhaps the learner needs some help finding or being assigned relevant content, or scheduling training into their day.

The other learners in this group have Last Login dates after the Last Activity Date. This could indicate the learners need to be given more assignments as they have completed all their required training, or maybe they are struggling to find relevant training on the platform and could use some assistance.


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