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This report gives you a view, per learner, of the number of new courses assigned, started, and completed, in a selected date range. It also provides indicators of the current number of assigned courses that are not yet completed and the number of assigned courses overdue.

In this report, we consider only assigned courses and exclude any courses a learner has self-assigned (also known as self-started).

This report helps to understand how learners are doing on their assigned training in a date range you selected, for example comparing month to month, a specific training-focused period in your organization, or since the beginning of the month or year.

By comparing to the 'current' values for courses that are still not completed and (if applicable) overdue, it can help in identifying learners that need some help getting through the required training.

This report is accessible through the menu under: → Assignments Progress → Learner Reports Assignments Activity


Attributes & Measures in this report

  • Assigned Courses Not Completed (current) - i.e. today
  • Assigned Courses Overdue (current) - i.e. today
  • New Courses Assigned (in date range) - i.e. in the date range selected
  • Assigned Courses In Progress (in date range) i.e. in the date range selected
  • Assigned Courses Completed (in date range) i.e. in the date range selected

How can this report help me?

This report is a little more complex, in that it combines a number of current values and time-dependent values (that change with the date range selected. The column names express which is which (current vs. in date range).

By allowing you to set the date range you are able to compare time ranges (eg. month-to-month activity) or assess activity on assignments since the beginning of the month, or year. This can be used to understand whether learners are active or not, and how they are faring through assigned training in a specific period. For example, if you have reminded everyone to focus on training, you can use this report to check-in if that order is being followed up on and by whom.

The 'current' measures are useful to identify the learners to focus attention on - those with a high number of 'not completed' courses, and especially those that have overdue courses. We can then use the 'date range' values to identify whether they were active at all, or when they might have gotten stuck.

For the most actionable date range, use the filter to set the date range to the past 30 days, or since the beginning of the month. This way you can compare the learners' recent activity to the current values for 'Not Completed' and 'Overdue' courses, to identify which learners need attention or motivation to complete their assignments.

For example, in the case below:

All learners have been assigned courses in the date range set. This could be due to a Job Role (i.e. learner tag) they selected when registering, or directly from their manager. The first learner has many more assigned, possibly due to an active manager in the F&B department she is a part of. Immediately we can identify she has 3 courses left to do, 0 of which have a deadline that is in the past. She originally had 6 courses assigned - she did start 3 of them in the past 3 months, however, only completed 3. This learner should get some help to plan her time to make sure she's finishing her assigned training.


The above learner is, however, a lot more active in completing the required training. The other two learners (seen below) have both been assigned training, and even decided to have a look into it, but only one course was completed by the last learner on the list. This information can help to motivate learners to become compliant, or at least spend some time learning and completing courses each week/month.



Finally, we can determine when users were actually active. By selecting for example the last 30 days, we can identify 0 starts and 0 completes by these same learners.


For more insight into the past month, we can sort for example the 'Assigned Courses Completed' column in the same date range, to see who did try and start or complete something in this period. In the case below, these learners would have started a course prior to this period (see Assigned Courses Started is at 0), however, the bottom two learners in this list did decide to complete some assigned courses.



How can I filter this report to see only what I want?

By using the filters you can update and change the report as needed.

Using the Learner Group filter you can determine the group you want to view the learners for.

Using the Learner Tag filter you can generate the report for only those learners with a certain job role. This is helpful when comparing learners within specific jobs.

Using the Date Range you can filter, and you can set the time period you want the data to show for.



How do I view a learner's current activity and history details?

By clicking on a learner you are taken to their learner detail's page.


Here you can track their current assigned and in-progress Courses and Learning Paths.



You can filter their content on Assigned and Self-Assigned (also known as Self-Started). By selecting 'ntox.pngntox.pngAssignments' you filter out anything a learner has started on their own. Selecting 'view progress' on any Course or Learning Path helps to better understand where the learner is in terms of progress.

By selecting the Learning History tab you can view everything a learner has already completed and the medals they have achieved.




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