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This report gives you a view, per learner group, of the number of courses assigned to all the learners in the group, and the status of the assigned courses.

In this report, we consider only assigned courses and exclude any courses learners in the group have self-assigned (also known as self-started).

This report helps to understand how the whole group of learners are doing on their assigned training and can support an action like rewarding compliance to required training or motivating managers to drive required training with their learners if they are falling behind.

This report is accessible through the menu under Assignments Progress → Aggregated Reports Group Progress.

Attributes & Measures in this report

  • Registered Users: the number of learners in the learner group, currently.
  • Total Assigned Courses
  • Assigned Courses Overdue: applicable if the assignment has a deadline.
  • Assigned Courses Not Started
  • Assigned Courses In Progress
  • Assigned Courses Theory Complete: for these courses, the practical assessment is pending.
  • Assigned Courses Completed
  • Progress on Assignments: the ratio of assigned course completions to assigned courses.

How can this report help me?

This report covers all courses assigned to a learner, and what status the assigned courses are (overdue, not started, etc.).

This can be used to understand if learners are progressing through their assigned learning or if they are falling behind. By navigating to their Learner Details page by clicking on the learner, you can view more specific progress per Course or Learning Path assigned.

You can sort the columns to identify the top learners in terms of compliance with assigned learning, and those that might need some additional motivation.

In the below example, highlighted from left to right:

1) We would want to urgently discuss finalizing their overdue course. In these cases, in this group, the assignments would have a deadline, so it would be important to finish this course as soon as possible.

2) The users in these groups have not yet started much of their assigned courses. During a 1:1 or team meeting, we could implore managers to focus on and progress through their assigned learning.



How can I filter this report to see only what I need?

By using the filters you can update and change the report as needed.


By using the Learner Group filter you can navigate the organization you manage. The data presented in the report is always 'rolled-up' for all the learners in the groups below what you set in the filter.

Note: If you set the filter to a specific Department you will see all the Outlets in that department and the information related to those outlets. If there are no Learner Groups below the selection, this report will come up empty.



By using the Learning Content filter you can present only data for those groups that have learners in them that have the selection assigned.

How can I view the learners in the group?

Step 1) First you have to set the Learner Group filter to the group you want to view the learners for. If for example, you want to view all the learners in the Housekeeping department, select the Learner Group filter and set it to Housekeeping. Click 'select learner group' when you have decided the group you want to view. This will save the filter for when you navigate to the User Status report in Step 2.




Click 'select learner group' when you have decided the group you want to view. This will save the filter for when you navigate to the Learner Progress report in Step 2.



Step 2) Navigate to the Learner Progress report using the menu. The filter you have set in the Group Progress report has been applied to the Learner Group report where all the registered users are visible.



Step 3) You are now on the Learner Progress report. Here you can see each individual learner's assigned courses progress.

You can read more about the Learner Progress report here.

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