Assignments Progress: Pending Practicals

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The Pending Practicals report provides a simple overview of all outstanding practical assessments of learners in groups you manage.

It can help to identify which practical assessments are ready to be scheduled and taken.

This report is accessible through the menu under:

→ Assignments Progress → Learner Reports Pending Practicals

Attributes & Measures in this report

  • Registered Users: the number of users currently in this group
  • Registered Managers: the number of managers currently in this group
  • Active Learners: the number of users that have taken a lesson or assessment, given the date range applied to the report.

How can this report help me?

Practical Assessments are ready once the relevant Theory Assessment(s) has/have been completed. This report indicates which practical assessments are ready to be taken.

When a report has been scheduled (see How to schedule a practical assessment?) the scheduled date will show in the Scheduled Date column.

When a deadline is set for a learning assignment (optional), the deadline date will show in the Assignments Deadline Date column.


You can sort these columns to identify the next upcoming practical assessment you have to coordinate, or to ascertain whether the practical is part of a learning assignment and should be scheduled to ensure compliance with the required training.

How can I filter this report to see only what I need?

By using the filters you can update and change the report as needed.


By using the Learner Group filter you can navigate the organization you manage. The data presented in the report is always 'rolled-up' for all the learners in the groups below what

Suppose you want to see the outstanding practical assessments in the Food and Beverage department, you would select it in the Learner Group filter. All learners with outstanding practical assessments would then be presented in the report you set in the filter.

By using the Learner Tag filter you can present the pending practical assessments for a particular job role.

By using the Learning Content filter you can filter the report to show only pending practical assessments related to a specific course.

How do I proceed to schedule/conduct a practical assessment?

There are two ways to get to the practical assessments section of the platform.

Option 1) Clicking on the learner in this report will take you to their Learner Details page. On this page, you can select the in-progress course and select the practical assessment you want to schedule/coordinate/conduct.




Option 2) By navigating to the practical assessments section and searching for the learner directly.






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