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Why is this report relevant?

The Group Status report provides an overview of how many users there are in the learner groups you manage. It can help to identify if groups are fully onboarded and engaged, and whether there are groups that require attention or support.

This report is accessible through the menu under:

Platform Adoption  → Aggregated Reports  Group Status

Attributes & Measures in this report

  • Registered Users: the number of users currently in this group
  • Registered Learners: the number of learners currently in this group
  • Registered Managers: the number of managers currently in this group
  • Active Learners: the number of users that have taken a lesson or assessment, given the date range applied to the report.

How can this report help me?

In the below example, the highlighted learner group would require attention as there are only 2 out of 54 learners that are active.



If in the example below the Front Office has 20 employees, (the report only shows 4 employees enrolled on the platform), this could indicate that the department requires support to enroll the remaining 16 employees. It would also be important to assign a manager to this group to enroll the 16 employees. To learn more about assigning manager permissions, please click here.



How can I filter this report to see only what I need?

By using the filters highlighted below, you can update and change the report as needed.


By using the Learner Group filter, you can navigate the organization you manage. The data presented in the report is generated for all the learners in the groups based on what you select in the filter.

Note: If you set the filter to a specific Department you will see all the Outlets in that department and the data related to those outlets.




By using the Learner Tag filter, the report is generated for learners with a specific job role in the selected learner group. 



With the Date Range filter, you can change the date to generate a report on how many users were 'actively learning' during a specific date range. Note: the registered users and managers columns are for the current amount and are not affected by the date range filter.


How can I view the users in the group?

Set the Learner Group filter to the group you want to view the learners for. For example, if you want to view all the learners in the Housekeeping department, select the Learner Group filter and set it to Housekeeping. Click 'select learner group' when you have decided the group you want to view. This will save the filter for when you decide to generate the User Status report.

To learn more about generating the User Status report, please click here.



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