Assessment Performance: Medals

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Why is this report relevant?

This report provides an overview of how well learners perform on their assessments to in turn apply what they’ve learned. Learners can earn a gold, silver, or bronze medal the first time they pass an assessment.

Master medals indicate full proficiency in the subject matter whether this was on the first attempt or when a learner attempted an assessment again. You can use Master Medals as an indicator of 'mastery' of subjects.

Measures in this report:

  • Gold medal: 100% the first-time learner passes an assessment
  • Silver medal: 90 - 99% the first time a learner passes an assessment
  • Bronze medal: 80 - 89 % the first time a learner passes an assessment
  • Master medal: 100% whenever the learner achieves 100%, even on a retry
  • Mastered Rate: indicates out of all assessments passed, how many have (eventually) been mastered. The closer the numbers, the better if you are analyzing 'mastery'.


You are able to filter the report according to:

  • Learner Group
  • Learner Tag
  • Learning Content
  • Date Range


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