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This report gives you a view, per learner group, of the number of courses started and completed in some time period. It is further broken down into lessons and assessments (practical and theory).

This report helps to understand 'how much' any individual learner is starting and completing given some time period you are interested in. This can be analyzed and actioned against benchmarks, targets, or policies you might have. It can also be used to identify top learners and those that might need some help.

This report is accessible through the menu under: → Learning Activity → Aggregated Reports Group Activity.

Attributes & Measures in this report

  • Registered Users: the number of learners in the learner group, currently.
  • Active Learners: the number of learners that completed a lesson or assessment in the period.
  • Courses Started: the number of courses the user started.
  • Courses Completed: the number of courses the user completed, further broken down into:
    • Lessons Completed: the number of lessons progressed in all the courses completed. Lessons are marked as complete in terms of progress if the course is completed.
    • Assessment Completed: the number of assessments passed, further broken down into:
      • Theory Assessments Completed: the number of theory assessments passed.
      • Practical Assessments Completed: the number of practical assessments passed.

Note: all of the above measures except for registered users are impacted by the date range filter. This allows you to generate reports for different periods to compare activity of your learners.


How can this report help me?

This report covers all courses done by learners in a learner group. This includes 'Assigned' and 'Self-Started' courses.

Depending on how your organization manages learning, it can be helpful to know 'how much' regions/hotels/departments are progressing. There are multiple reasons:

  • Benchmarks: you drive learners to meet certain learning volume benchmarks in a period.
  • Targets: your organization requires a certain amount of learning to be done in a period.
  • Competition: you have a competition between learner groups to be proactive in learning

You can sort the columns to identify the top learners in terms of total learning volume, and to identify those learners that might need some help to get started.

How can I filter this report to see only what I need?

By using the filters you can update and change the report as needed.


By using the Learner Group filter you can navigate the organization you manage. The data presented in the report is always 'rolled-up' for all the learners in the groups below what you set in the filter.

Note: If you set the filter to a specific Department you will see all the Outlets in that department and the information related to those outlets. If there are no Learner Groups below the selection, this report will come up empty.

By using the Learning Content filter you can present only data for those groups that have learners in them that completed that course. Note that the number of registered users and active learners will not change with this selection.

By using the Date Range filter you can change the date to tell you how much was started and completed in a given period.  Note the registered users is only the current number of registered users.

How can I view the users in the group?

Step 1) First you have to set the Learner Group filter to the group you want to view the learners for. If for example, you want to view all the learners in the Housekeeping department, select the Learner Group filter and set it to Housekeeping. Click 'select learner group' when you have decided the group you want to view. This will save the filter for when you navigate to the User Status report in Step 2.


Click 'select learner group' when you have decided the group you want to view. This will save the filter for when you navigate to the User Status report in Step 2.

Step 2) Navigate to the User Status report using the menu (Platform Adoption - Learner Reports). The filter you have set in the Group Status report has been applied to the User Status report where all the registered users are visible.


Step 3) If you want to see the activity for the learners in the selected group, you can navigate to the Learner Activity report. Here you can see each individual learner's activity in the same period you select.

You can read more about the Learner Activity report here.

This report gives you a view, per learner, of the number of courses started and completed given the date range you select.

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